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It's SCARY what the Democrats are up to!

If you think Halloween is scary, after the election, Senator Gobi and her fellow Democrats have a ghoulish plan to increase your taxes on Gasoline, Heating Oil, and Electricity.

Senator Gobi's New Carbon Tax, In Her Own Words

In a 2017 video, Anne Gobi explains their Democratic plan to systematically raise taxes on Electricity, Heating Oil, Gasoline, and more! This year she voted for phase one, which is to be finalized immediately after the election.

MA Senate Candidate Opposes Carbon Tax

Massachusetts Republican State Senate Candidate, Steve Hall, talks about why he opposes a tax on home heating fuels and gasoline.

Leaving a Legacy

We have a responsibility to the next generation to protect their freedoms, keep their streets safe, and leave MA in a good state of affairs. It's going to take hard work on Beacon Hill, but together we can accomplish this.

Steve Hall, Candidate for MA State Senate, Supports our Brave Police Officers

Steve Hall, Republican Candidate for MA State Senate, affirms his support of the men and women in blue!

Defund the Police - Are the Democrats Crazy?

Steve Hall, Republican candidate for the Massachusetts State Senate, discusses his views on safety and his Democratic opponent's radical stance.

Senate Candidate Drives an 18-Wheeler

Steve Hall, Republican State Senate Candidate in Massachusetts, drives an 18-wheeler